Our Goals:

Community, Kindness, & Progress


In “Emphasizing Empathy in the Pipeline Process,” at SIGGRAPH 2018, industry professionals discussed difficulties in the workplace, the appropriate role of a project manager, and some ways to reexamine their own strategies to extend empathy within their teams for the betterment of the team members and the project itself.

The basic thesis was as follows: Effective project management can only be achieved when emphasis is placed on demonstrated empathy for any and all project contributors at the project management level, and when all challenges are framed as opportunities to enhance both the team and the project manager’s own emotional intelligence.

Perhaps most importantly, there is an overwhelming feeling within the industry that these issues cannot be talked about – that admitting these changes need to be made admits weakness. The lack of communication between industry professionals about these challenges does a disservice to team members in toxic environments, project managers at a loss as to how to change the environment without support from their leadership, and the projects that suffer and fall behind as a result.

In attempt to change this norm, the Emotional Intelligence Community was established as venue to for collaboration in a forum, allowing individuals with interest in developing and implementing emotionally intelligent management strategies to privately collaborate, connect, and share their experiences outside of their own personal work environments. At this stage, submissions are encouraged, but it should be noted that all submissions will be moderated prior to posting to protect any desired anonymity and ensure adherence to our community guidelines. 

By allowing this discussion to flourish outside of the workplace, individuals can have the opportunity to increase their own awareness, exercise their ability to communicate about these issues effectively, expand their personal perspectives, and learn meaningful strategies to better their workplace, morale, and project health without compromising their budget – setting a new standard for collaborative management and cross-team empathy grown organically throughout the industry