Community Guidelines:

The Emotional Intelligence Community is not only a place for professionals to seek resources about empathetic project management strategies, but also for individuals to share their own experiences and exchange advice with other likeminded individuals. 

Many professionals in this community are subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and other legally binding documents protecting the privacy of their employers and the integrity of their work. Those agreements should be respected and followed as written. Individuals in managerial statuses are advised not to share any identifiable personal information of those they supervise.

All content will be reviewed by a moderator prior to posting in order to ensure the safety, privacy, and discretion of both those sharing, and the real experiences shared. You may be asked by the moderator to alter content, or to confirm you want to share in as much detail as you have expressed.

When participating with the community, we trust that all professionals will exercise:

  • Respect

  • Compassion

  • Honesty

  • Self-Awareness

  • Professionalism

If you read about an experience that at first you don’t understand or you have strong reactions to, before you respond, challenge yourself to extend your understanding. Ask questions. Learn about other people’s experience.

The Emotional Intelligence Community is a hub for resources. Publicly accessible external content will be curated within the Resources section in the appropriate category. Users are encouraged to submit external resources as well as their own personal content with the proper sourcing. The Emotional Intelligence Community does not claim to hold the copyright of materials in the Resources section and will always do our very best provide proper credit.

Any and all concerns should be addressed to our moderators via the Submit form.