Section 3: Creating a Community


3.3: Analysis


During the previous two sections, any project manager may have gathered a lot of information. While hopefully this information has allowed the project manager a greater understanding and respect of their individual team members and their managerial colleagues, this disparate information may be hard to piece together into a larger plan of action to help relieve tension into a project planning strategy. Information can be synthesized into actionable knowledge in any of the following ways in order to unite what may appear to be disparate goals pertaining to the function and satisfaction of the team.


3.3.1: Understanding the Motivation

Working to develop a "big picture" image of who each team member is as an individual can help both illuminate what their unique experiences may contribute and can provide insight about that person's values and goals.

3.3.2: Identifying Stressors

If you find there are notable stressors, you can focus your care in communication and community building around these areas more effectively and develop strategies to mitigate the stressor.